List of Programs

  • WASC accredited 1-12 program
  • Small class size ensures optimal support from teachers
  • College-preparatory curriculum, including honors & AP courses
  • Diverse international student body
Diversity. Creativity. Mastery. The mission of Balboa School is to provide a diverse educational environment that promotes high academic standards, cultivates creativity, and builds the skills necessary for college, career and civic life.

Elementary Program

Elementary School

The elementary program is designed for optimal achievement, achieving sophisticated language development through hands on activities, low stress classrooms, high student involvement and achievement. Hands on activities in science, technology, engineering combine with classical studies in mythology, writing and literature.  Students attend computer lab daily and learn essential word processing and computer skills.

The goal of the Elementary School Program at Balboa School is to help students enjoy learning, build positive self-esteem, and explore their full potential while preparing them for success in middle school and beyond. Class sizes are small, and as a result, students learn more effectively than they do in large traditional classrooms. Rules, expectations, and homework are well communicated to students and parents. Balboa School strives to create positive learning experiences that encourage students to engage with the curriculum and work towards the mastering of academic goals.

Elementary Curriculum: Our curriculum is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and our instruction is aligned with the California Common Core State Standards. Students at Balboa School learn in an environment that provides a blend of strong academics combined with opportunities for individual and social growth. Teachers challenge and support every learner.

Elementary students receive multimodal learning experiences in a small size class and scaffolding to meet various abilities. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning experiences are placed on a par with pedagogical demands. Students learn through direct instruction, peer interaction, and classroom discussions.

Our staff is trained on how to deliver instruction. We use the “I do it, You do it, We do it” method (model, prompt, check), and content is taught until mastery is reached.

Balboa School also specializes in bringing students up to grade level if they have fallen behind in previous programs. It is expected that all students will learn to work at or above grade level with regard to academic content in most classes.

We are able to carefully tailor our program to meet the needs of each student. Highly structured and appropriately paced materials provide students with ample opportunity to grasp, review, and master concepts.